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Coaching is focussed on creating a more successful future, whether in your career or other aspects of life.


Coaching has three important aspects:


v      Helping you to clarify, prioritise and formulate your dreams into outcomes that are meaningful and possible.

v      Helping you to find the resources that you need – mainly in yourself, and sometimes from elsewhere.

v      Providing encouragement, perspective and objective feedback to keep you on track through to completion.


Coaching helps you to discover your own recipe for success, which also means that you’ll have an opportunity to learn about yourself. The process typically covers aspects such as sustainable goal-setting, motivation, discovering important drivers and strengths, and addressing key areas for skills enhancement.


Our approach involves an introductory consultation of 2 hours, followed by further face to face and/or phone sessions to suit the client and nature of the work. Every session is tailored to the client’s needs. Flexibility and responsiveness tend to make for stronger collaboration, so that you develop the skills necessary to set your own direction, make appropriate decisions, take action and monitor your own progress.


Coaching is focused on today and the future and is ultimately about finding paths to success. Attending to past themes isn’t part of coaching, but if it appears that past problems are significantly hindering progress, this will be mentioned and you will be offered alternative assistance to help shift bigger obstacles. Working with a coach who is also a psychotherapist means that there is always the option to resolve these problems in order to create a better foundation for future success and fulfilment.


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