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Abuse                                                                     Lack of self-esteem or self-worth
Accident related trauma Life transitions
Addiction Loss
Agoraphobia Medical phobias & fears


OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)        
Anger Overspending and/or compulsive shopping
Anxiety Overwhelm
Attention difficulties Panic
Balancing work, family and personal fulfillment Phobias - others
Bereavement Poor memory
Bullying Procrastination
Caring for others Recovering from or managing illness
Communication problems Relationship difficulties
Decision-making Repeated routines and/or thoughts
Depression Relaxation or sleep difficulties
Dental fears & phobias Social anxiety or shyness
Divorce or separation Stress
Fear of flying, water etc Time management
Feeling stuck, canít make progress Traumatic events or memories
Habits that you donít want Unwanted behaviours or thoughts
Irritability Weight control
Lack of confidence Worrying more than usual