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Initial Enquiries

Your first step is to phone us on 01279 817976 to arrange a 15-minute phone consultation with Sian Lloyd. This is a free, confidential and no-obligation opportunity to talk about your specific issues and find out how we can help.

As with all health professionals, psychotherapists operate within particular areas of expertise and according to widely accepted boundaries and regulations. For example, psychotherapists do not diagnose psychiatric illness or give advice about medication. Where Sian feels that a particular issue may best be resolved by working with a different health professional or specialist, she will outline her reasons and suggest appropriate alternatives. Sian is also willing to work with clients on referral from their GP or other health specialist, and to discuss her therapeutic approach in more detail with another health professional.  

For initial enquiries please call between Mondays Fridays, 9am 6pm. Phone consultations can be booked for any mutually convenient time.



If we agree to work together, you will be invited to an initial 1 hour consultation in Stansted or at another agreed location within the UK or overseas, provided that is considered suitable for work of this nature. Further consultations are about 1 hour in length, although some may extend to 2 hours. Sessions are always booked and paid for individually rather than on a block basis, so that you only pay for what you need.

If appropriate, counselling may be available over email or phone. Many clients find this a convenient and effective alternative. However, psychotherapy sessions are only offered face to face.

Appointments are available 8am 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am 2pm Saturday & Sunday.