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People come to counselling or psychotherapy for many different reasons, usually at times of crisis, stress or uncertainty Ė when coping with today or what might happen in the future has become unbearably difficult. Sometimes it can be about realising that past events or choices may have left their mark - perhaps a sense of wanting things to be different, but struggling to make it happen. And sometimes, there are unhelpful reactions Ė fear, panic, anxiety Ė which interfere in everyday activities.

We offer ways to help you understand how you approach lifeís dilemmas, and tools to help shift things onto a better path.  Many issues can be resolved or substantially improved with professional assistance so that you can free yourself up for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. The list of Issues illustrates the kind of problems that we can help with, although itís not a complete list.


Counselling involves talking through uncomfortable emotions and feelings with someone who can listen attentively and impartially, without judging. The counsellorís work is to encourage expression of pent-up emotions, to help generate clarity and fresh insights about important themes and issues, and to help people understand for themselves what possibilities exist for a better way forward. All of this takes place in a structured way, within a peaceful atmosphere of trust, privacy and emotional safety.


Psychotherapy extends this process into actively working with the client to overcome emotional barriers, or to discover new ways of thinking and doing that havenít yet been discovered. Often, a client doesnít know how to approach their issue differently and in a way that works well for them. A psychotherapist helps people to acquire the tools and learnings they need to resolve past issues, acquire new life skills, discover more of their own potential - and ultimately feel better equipped to move ahead in life.


Counselling and psychotherapy often overlap depending on the kind of issues being addressed. There are many different kinds of psychotherapy - you can find out more about Our Approaches to Psychotherapy.


There are some areas that donít fall within our scope of practice, so itís important to discuss your needs and ask any questions before deciding whether our services are right for you. This is why Sian offers a free, no-obligation 15-minute private phone call. Should it appear that you or someone close to you may need a different specialist or service, she will provide guidance and where possible refer you to someone who is in a better position to help. More on Counselling and Psychotherapy Appointments