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Employee assistance

In the past three years NLP Solutions has provided support to many organisations and their employees, within different industries, and of differing sizes and cultures ranging from Multinational Corporations to small professional partnerships. Much of this support has centred on providing Employee Assistance, where addressing underlying issues not only helps to resolve problems, it also creates more motivated and resourced team players.


Sian Lloyd’s long career in the City has provided a particularly strong advantage within the Financial Services community. Her experience of the challenges of City employment, combined with a deep knowledge of individual roles - from support to senior management - is absolutely crucial in creating mutual understanding and working collaboratively towards desirable and timely resolutions.


With increased legislation on employee protection and equal opportunities, early external assistance can often prevent situations getting out of hand. We offer a confidential, cost-effective and professional service.


Employee Assistance may involve phone or face to face counselling, brief psychotherapy, or in some cases assessment and recommendation for specialist treatment. Issues covered may include:


Absenteeism – Bullying - Addiction – Anger –Inappropriate Attitude or Behaviour – Stress – Rehabilitation Following Illness - Poor Timekeeping or Time Management – Post-Traumatic Stress – Redundancy – Job Reassignment – Motivational Issues – Burnout – Crisis of Confidence – Work-Life Imbalances – Anxiety, Panic and Shyness


We also offer individual and team Coaching in many areas of professional development, combining a rich blend of NLP, business and facilitation skills to help people discover and make the most of their potential.


Specialist knowledge in Neurolinguistic Programming and its application in both business and psychotherapy means that we can deliver Workshops and Custom Training in many areas of direct benefit to commercial, educational and health organisations. If you are considering introducing any aspect of NLP into your organisation, we’ll be pleased to offer practical guidance. Contact Us for more details.